The BambinoStar™ is an automatic monoblock system designed as a labeler. It can easily handle microtubes, vials, and small bottles.

Many options are available, including HEPA-filtered laminar flow systems that can provide a micro-environment suitable for parenteral products.

The system can be configured to accommodate a wide array of applications which require labeling.

Speed : Up to 400 BPM*


  MONOSTAR™ Labeler is ideal for labeling unstable containers or products such as syringes and ampoules. The system can be configured with infeed and outfeed trays that gently load and gather the containers before and after labeling.

The machine is offered with the latest in quality verification systems, such as bar code scanners, vision inspection systems, OCV inspection of lot numbers, expiration date, label code verification and label presence sensors. All inspections that fail will result in the defective container being positively rejected.