The BAMBINO FCL is a sequential motion Monoblock system designed as a filler, capper and labeler to handle small round bottles only.

The filling system can be equipped with a variety of pumps, such as volumetric pistons and peristaltic pumps.

The capping station can be configured to handle any type of cap.

The pressure sensitive labeling system relies on a special transporting star wheel system with roller bearings to guide and ensure proper positioning of the round bottles into the labeling station.

As the label is being applied, a vision inspection system is used to check correct prints, presence and placement of the label on the vials

The system can be configured to accommodate a wide array of applications.

  • Bar code scanners
  • Label code Verification
  • Label presence and positioning sensors
  • Vision Inspection Systems with OCR/OCV Inspection of lot # / expiration date
All inspections that fail will result in the defective container being positively rejected into a special reject tray with a reject confirmation sensor

All rejected containers can be tracked in the batch reporting system.
For final Productivity report a CFR 21, Parts 11 data report is also offered.

Applications: Filling | Capping | Labeling

SPEED: Up to 40 BPM**

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** Subject to System and Labeling Head Selection


Diagnostic Application

Vision Inspection System
HS-100 High Speed Labeling Head
(FLRS) Faulty Label Reconciliation System
Coding Devices
High Capacity Charger with Splicing Table
RABS (Isolation Barriers)
Viscous Product Dosing
Peristaltic Pump
Magnetic Slip Clutch
Torque Verification System
Tare In - Tare Out system
Production History Report
Validation Package