Bandstar from LabelStar on Vimeo.


LABELSTAR® designs shrink neck or body banding systems to meet standard and high-speed production. These systems are capable of applying shrinkable sleeves at speed of up to 300 Bottles per minute

The BandStar is designed with efficiency and reliability which features a self-centering mandrel for easy setup. Servo motors and pulling belts ensure accurate lengths. The system also features a motorized holder to remove stress from the pulling belts. A horizontally mounted shaft allows for easy loading of the reel in proper position. Options are available to complete the line and meet your installation requirements.

Applications: Round | Square | Custom Shapes

SPEED: Up to 300 BPM**

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** Subject to System and Labeling Head Selection


Pharmaceutical Applications Nutraceutical Applications
Food and Beverages