Labeling Systems

BandStar™ (Neck/Body Banding)

The BandStar™ banding system was designed to exceed industry standards for body and neck banding applications. With a wide variety of options available to the user, it can easily handle the diverse applications required for the various industries in the world of packaging.

BandStar™ (Neck/Body Banding)


  • Round|
  • Square|
  • Oval|
  • Rectangular Bottles


Up to 150 BPM**

This system was engineered and designed for efficiency, reliability and simplicity. With change-overs always being a primary focus, the BandStar™ features a self-centering mandrel to ease the change-over process and to provide a more fluid user experience.

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** BPM = Bottles Per Minute.