Linear labeling from LabelStar on Vimeo.

LABELSTAR ® was created in 1992 keeping in mind to offer an efficient, versatile, and easy to operate pressure sensitive labeling system to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries. Three platforms were created then:
  1. LabelStar system 1 for round bottle (Wrap around)
  2. LabelStar system 2 for any shape bottle (Front & Back, wrap around, etc.)
  3. LabelStar system 3 for top and/or bottom label

Capmatic develop these 3 bases machines keeping in mind the philosophy of the Pharmaceutical Industry, therefore we came up with a Stainless steel mono-frame base in where we integrate all electric, electronic and mechanical components inside the frame ensuring a smooth finish easy to clean and maintain.

To ensure flexibility of the equipment we designed a multitude of interchangeable modules that can be added or remove without any major modification to the machine, this give you advantage and flexibility, covering up almost any labeling application you may run throughout the life of the system itself.

All machines can be equipped with a wide varieties of options, any type of coding device and can be supply with the latest in quality verification station, such as bar code scanners, vision systems inspection, OCV inspection of the lot #/expiration date, label code verification and label presence sensors. All inspections that fail will result in the defective container being positively rejected.


SPEED Up to 250 BPM*

*Depending on the system and labeling heads chosen.

Vision Inspection System
High Speed Labeling Head
(FLRS) Faulty Label Reconciliation System
Non-Stop Labeling
High Capacity Charger with Splicing Table
Coding Devices
Buffer Infeed and/or Outfeed Turntable
Validation Package

LabelStar® System 1 for round bottle only.


LabelStar® System 2/1T for one face label or wrap around label


LabelStar® System 2/2 to apply a front & back label and a wraparound label.


LabelStar® System 2/1T with Integrated system 3 for top Labeling.