Labelstar system 1 from LabelStar on Vimeo.

LABELSTAR® System 1 is exclusively manufactured to handle round bottles at speed of up to 250 BPM* *(depending on the label length and the labeling head selected) This extremely efficient labeling system can be integrated to any line for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Bio-Tech, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries.

This system can be equipped with a wide variety of options to tackle any specific challenge. Various types of indexing systems (feed screw, star-wheel indexing, standard separator wheel, dual belt separator) are offered to ensure proper indexing of the bottles into the labeling station. These infeed systems will stop the bottle flow should any alarm occur, ensuring proper product output.

A round bottle positioning system is also offered to ensure a proper label position.

Numerous types of coding devices along with the latest in quality verification stations, such as:

  • Hot Stamp, Thermal Transfer, Laser, and ink jet coding devices
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Complete Vision Inspection System for OCR, OCV Inspection (lot#/expiration date) Label Code Verification and Label Presence Sensors.

  • All failing inspections will result in the defective container being positively rejected.


    SPEED Up to 250 BPM*

    *Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.

    ** Subject to System and Labeling Head Selection


    Pharmaceutical Applications Diagnostic Applications
    Nutraceutical Applications Beauty and personal care Products

    Vision Inspection System
    High Speed Labeling Head
    (FLRS) Faulty Label Reconciliation System
    Non-Stop Labeling
    High Capacity Charger with Splicing Table
    Coding Devices
    Buffer Infeed and/or Outfeed Turntable
    Bottle Alignement
    Validation Package