MonoStar Pharma from LabelStar on Vimeo.


The MONOSTAR PHARMA is a high speed rotary pressure sensitive labeling machine for stable and unstable round base containers, coming from either a motorized conveyor or an infeed tray.

To ensure perfect placement of the label, this system uses a star wheel to properly introduce the round bottles to the labeling applicator. Since the bottles are guided inside a star wheel pocket it uses the entire body of the bottle to properly present itself to the peal plate.

  • The star wheel system allows for perfect separation of each bottle before reaching the labeling station
  • It keeps track of every faulty container throughout the system
  • It positively rejects the faulty container into a motorized accumulation conveyor inside the machine

The MONOSTAR™ PHARMA labeler can be configured to be easily integrated onto an existing production line and can be incorporated with the latest in quality verification systems, such as:

  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Vision Inspection Systems with OCR/OCV Inspection of lot # / expiration date
  • Label Code Verification
  • Label Presence Sensors

(“FLRS SYSTEM”) Faulty Label Reconciliation System
The FLRS unit is designed with track-and-trace capabilities for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and bio-tech applications which require the removal of a faulty label before it is applied onto the container.

All inspections that fail will result in the defective container being positively rejected and tracked in the batch reporting system.

For final Productivity report a CFR 21, Parts 11 data report is also offered as optional

Applications: Vials | Test Tubes | Micro-Tubes | Syringes | Ampoules

SPEED: Up to 400 BPM**

* Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
** Subject to System and Labeling Head Selection


Pharmaceutical Applications Diagnostic Applications
Nutraceutical Applications

Vision Inspection System
HS-100 : High Speed Labeling Head
(FLRS): Faulty Label Reconciliation System
High Capacity Charger with Splicing Table
Coding Devices
Validation Package
Production History Report