The compact tablet line is designed to be operated by one operator and for quick change-over (less than 25 minutes). The entire line can be installed in a space of 20' x 25'.


- Infeed Turn Table
- Single Head Counter
- CottonStar ™
- Metal Detector
- Alpha ™ CL
- Induction Sealer
- Outfeed Accumulation

* Speed: Up to 50 BPM

LabelStar® System 1 and System 2/1T are designed to handle a variety of nutraceutical bottles. The System 1 has the option of placing a top hold-down bar to accomodate round and retangular bottles.


- LabelStar® System 1
- LabelStar® System 2/1T

* Optional Vision Inspection Systems Available

* Speed: Up to 150 BPM