RotoStar Labeler from LabelStar on Vimeo.


The ROTOSTAR System is our fastest labeling system, capable of processing up to 500 BPM*. Built in our proven monoblock frame, the RotoStar can apply pressure sensitive labels to the top, neck, shoulder, front, or back for either round or shaped bottles. For complex labeling, the RotoStar can be configured to apply up to five different labels. Bottles are delivered through a feed screw to an infeed starwheel, this system transfers the bottles to individual holding plates where they are clamped from the top by a centering chuck and are then inserted to different stations by the rotating plates.

  • Motorized Height Adjustment System
  • Touch Screen Panel Control
  • Ramp-up/Ramp-down Speed Control
  • Safety Clutch on Infeed and Outfeed Starwheel
  • Automatic Bottle Stopper in the Event of an Alarm
  • Interchangeable Wiping Unit.

  • Applications: Vials | Round Bottles | Oval | Square | Rectangular

    SPEED: Up to 500 BPM*

    * Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.
    ** Subject to System and Labeling Head Selection


    Pharmaceutical Applications Diagnostic Applications
    Nutraceutical Applications Beauty and personal care Products

    Vision Inspection System
    HS-100 : High Speed Labeling Head
    (FLRS): Faulty Label Reconciliation System
    Non-Stop Labeling
    High Capacity Charger with Splicing Table
    Coding Devices
    Buffer Infeed and/or Outfeed Turntable
    Validation Package